Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why I'm doing this

ICT in Education has been one of hottest topics everywhere and Emerging Markets is no different. Although that was not my plan when I graduated but I spent over 10 years of my professional career working on ICT in Education and I loved it.

I had the opportunity to work on several interesting projects, Deploying eLearning solutions to public schools in Egypt with millions of hits and thousands of online virtual classrooms, 1:1 classrooms in a school in rural ares of Abuja in Nigeria, the Magalhães project in Portugal deploying Intel classmates to over 300 thousand school students and training thousand of teachers on 1:1 learning concepts and finally helping universities in the Middle-East and Africa deploy Google Apps.

I've often run across programs with huge budgets that fail, or projects that start with no long term plan just for some government official to have his photo  in the newspapers or brag about bringing ICT to schools.

This blog will be about my stories with ICT in education, what I think works and what should governments or universities consider when planning for ICT in Education. It is also a space to discuss concepts and trials and use cases in the classroom from very part of the world.

I'm simply happy I'm finally starting this, and I hope someone will find it useful.


  1. Congrats Hatem on your new blog and engaging topic :)

    1. Thanks Mai, as my linguist friend please don't hesitate to point any issues with my structure or writing style, would be great if you give me some tips :-)

  2. This is interesting :)
    I wanna subscribe, where's your RSS feed link or email Subscription box ?

  3. Hey Bassem, I took your comment as an advice and added and RSS subscribe button in the sidebar :-), thanks